Saturday, 24 April 2010

Leaving Namche

Enjoying my last day at Namche Bazar and ending my 4 day training at this altitude. In the next 16-18 days I will be trekking in the higher areas of Gokyo and Khumbu Valley and I return for another week of training here before I finally set myself up for the marathon. It is so far ahead.
Yesterdat and today I managed to do about an 90min each with some walking (which is always a case). If you look at the picture you could see that everything is up or down..there is no easy run.
Just a few things ahead: I will be spending about 16 days over 4400m and try to ascend over 5000m about 6-7 times (walking up a few smaller peaks) to get closer to those famous and amazing places in this part of the Himalyas.

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mistermarr said...

I hope your preparations are going well.I am back in Australia now. Cheers, Colin from Lukla