Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Everest Marathon Preparation

It has been awhile I posted any notes here, I could say many reasons - why, but I just start a new chapter. I have been preparing myself for different disciplines for many years such as competitions, work, general fittness or some extreme ocasions. I am not sure where I should put this one. To me nature is a very special element especially when it comes to mountainous regions and environment. I have been thinking about completing an official marathon distance for a long time. Throughout my 20+ year running career I have done it many times for training, but never entered a real one. It is about time.
Last year I decided to enter this very special marathon which combines distance, mountains and altitude and in an amazing setup: Khumbu Valley
For this reason I changed my training slightly to fit the requirements. Having done some intense workouts such as running in deep snow for hours and skiing 30-40kms on low energy intake I believe I have got a solid foundation to build upon. In the next 6-7 weeks I try to keep you updated how things are going and how I actually prepare for this challenge in Nepal. You can follow me up to the Everest Region. I am not sure I would be available all time, but once in awhile I give some details of my progress and finally I tell you about the race itself.
Everest Marathon facts: official maraton distance, starting point at Everest Base Camp -5370m, finish line at Namche Bazaar -3600m, mainly downhill-but there are some energy sapping uphills, cold, snow, heat, rain, only 100 runners for all around the world and one of the most amazing surroundings-the highest peaks in the world.
One more week until I fly to Nepal until that I do my last workouts in the UK.

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