Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Witness Mountains

Another trip report from an unusual location: Hungary! I should have had more of these stories, but sadly nowadays I spend more time away from my home than at home. I recruited a few members of my family to do a walk/challenge in an area called "Witness Mountains". There are several hills/mountains in an area on the northwest of Lake Balaton called wittnes mountains, which are representing volcanic history and solid erosion. This challenge/walk is part of a series and we just decided to do it in a few days before. A few facts: 24km, 820m climb, 3 peaks and 8 control points. We decided to add another peak at the beginning since the peak was really close to the start, so we changed the tour to a 28km, 1100m climb. Overnight there was a massive snowfall which made this hike an absolutely epic trip with lots of falls, mud, snow and laughter. Four of us walked together all the way to the finish line and managed to do it in 6hrs 59minutes, what was only one minute away from the deadline. Great trip and amazing views!