Friday, 16 April 2010

Ahead of the clouds

I managed to take one of the last flights from England, so I arrived Kathmandu yesterday. Few funny moments were along the journey, as it usauly happens if you make your way through India. I tried to fly lightway, so I ended up with only one check in bag (approx. 20kg, icncluding tent, sleeping bag and all clothes) and no hand luggage except a small digital camera and a money belt. Seemed like I will be quick through security..until I got to New Delhi transit. It took me about 15minutes to get through: they checked my money belt 4 times and my camera case twice..and finally put a massive handbag sticker on my "mouse size" camera case. Of course the sign said: Aeroflot (I was flying with Jet Airways). No worries. Nice temperature on the runway - around +40 Celsius and sunny. Flight was good andf arrived safely to Kathmandu Airport, where I was welcomed by 200 local taxi drivers..wanting a piece of me and my luggage- only charging 5 times as much as they would for a local (of course they never use taxis). After some entertaining moments I found a friend who was willing to have a nice 7km walk with me to Thamel (tourist part), where I invaded my prebooked accomodation and enjoyed an afternoon sleep. Today I spent my time joining the local walking program on the streets of Thamel. Lot of participants and some serious looking, hippy-hobo type, grass type and locals enjoyed the workout and of course we all contributed reducing the smog level by inhaling as much as we can.
Leaving for the mountains tomorrow..Training begins. More soon... (picture was taken on flight to Lukla)

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