Monday, 31 May 2010

Tough race in a few words

Just got back to Kathmandu after travelling back from Namche Bazaar. I have managed to finish the marathon and even take the "first westerner " title.
We are all know that theer was no way catching the sherpa runners, but had a great battle for my final 36th place. I ran/walked for 5:34minutes and finished 4th foreigner (first westerner, behind 3 indian army runners). Unfortunately my stomach issues forced me to slow down/ even walk for a long time after keeping my pace to 4:45-5:05 target time. All happened after the 30km mark and I could not do much... Despite of all these facts I was extremely happy to finish in one piece. More details and pictures soon... (Picture: close to start area at Base camp - one day before the race)


Bota said...

Meni gratulésünz, várunk haza ép(p)en és egészségben!
Már megint ideálisan készülsz a VOB-ra, ami gondolom síkon lesz, és 40°C-ban :-))))

Az erő legyen véled!

Robert said...

Koszi a sorokat es az infot, ugy nez ki mindig rahibazok a jo felkeszulesre.

double-d said...

Glad you had fun and are back safely! Looking forward to hiking with you later this year.

Robert said...

Look forward to Mt Whitney!