Thursday, 13 May 2010

3 week round trip summary

Just a recap from the last 3 week:
I have missed out on a few bits , but most of my plan was executed in a safe manner.
I moved up in Gokyo Valley and stayed about 5-6days there and I crossed Tso La and moved to Khumbu Valley then to "Chukung Valley" and returned.
  • 15 days over 4700m, 7 times over 5100m
  • 3 pass crossings: Renjo La(5400m), Tso La (5350m), Kongma La (5533m)
  • 2 small peaks ( Gokyo Ri, Chukung Ri)
  • 20-25kg backpack, poles, 80% of the time walking and running in trainers
  • snowed about 4-5 times (no rain)
  • crossed 3 glaciers
  • extra feature: Cho Oyu Base Camp visit (amazing place)
  • additional challenge: viral infection (still recovering)
I will be posting a more detailed trip report (areas, walks, inforation, etc.) once I am back home in June. Of course there will be more short reports on the marathon.


feco said...

véletlenül sem irigyellek... jó nekem itt Szolnokon, az Alföld fényes metropoliszában! :)

tamás said...

Remélem csinálsz pár jó képet is.

Robert said...

Majd igyekszem a kepekkel, igaz a verseny napjan nem hinnem hogy eroltetni fogom :)
Amugy is az utobbi 5 hetben mar keresztul kasul jartam a teruletet, igy vannak kepeim. Remelhetoleg a Valto Ob-n majd talalkozunk :)