Sunday, 18 October 2009

Top of Norway (Part 3)

21 April, 6AM, -8 Celsius. After an ok night I started getting ready, packed and left. It was sunny and no sign of clouds. I was looking forward to my next challenge on the other side of the valley. I reached Spiterstulen, dropped a few things and left around 9AM. The first part was a bit difficult since there were a lot of broken patches of snow and ice, but later on I was making good progress. Reached the summit (Galdhoppigen, 2469m) at 11:45 and spent 15 minutes looking around and enjoying the views. On the way down I decided to go for my 24 hour mark, so I needed to speed up... running, jumping, rolling , fast walking (no use of skis or snowshoes) and after 53minutes I reached the hut at 12:53... Huhh, 23hrs 53minutes, done! What a quality day! Two highest peaks of Norway, about 2800mts ascent and descent, a night out ... all in 24hrs.

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Miriam said...

You never cease to impress me! :)